Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Oil Spoil  


The truckers have revolted and London's ring roads are even more congested than usual!

I am the last person to defend driver's rights. I live in London, do not drive and, for my sins, I am an avid user of public transport. However, in this instance I feel the need to come down on the side of the gas guzzling, polluting petrol-heads. Yes, the government needs to reduce petrol duty.

There is no doubt that there is too much congestion on our roads and that London has made the right and essential choice by implementing the congestion charge. It is also true that the pollution caused by drivers, particularly those who drive larger engined, so-called 'Chelsea Tractors' is, frankly, selfish and immoral.

However, the fact is that, however idiotic the reasons, we are stuck with the combustion engine. We have taken away the trains and the canals and we have created a situation where the vast majority of our heavy goods are transported via lorries.

It is vital to the British economy to be able to transport goods and for HGV companies to be able to make a profit. Without an alternative such as canals and trains, it is essential that the HGV transport companies can work and make a profit.

Ultimately the government needs to provide alternatives to the oil dependent, polluting and expensive HGV system. However, it has made little move to do so and so it should support this vital industry. Whether a weakened Prime Minister, desperate to show leadership, will make the correct decision and support the HGV industry is another thing.

Equally, the petrol duty taken is not accounted for. Where does it go? If it was put into the public transport system (ignoring the private industries who are charging such hideous prices) then it would be possible to improve the trains, increase the number of services and provide cheaper transport. At the present time many either have no choice but to travel by car, or it is still more cost effective to do so.

The government can take a lead and have failed to do so. It is now more essential than ever that it now does so.

What next?

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